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Ways to Support The Jesuit Collaborative

Thank you again for companioning with The Jesuit Collaborative. We are blessed to have the support of so many people through participation, prayer, and financial gifts.

We are especially grateful for recent supporters who are looking for new ways to contribute:

  • One donor recently asked if she could support our Hispanic Ministry through recurring monthly donations using her credit card. It was quick and easy for her to set it up. Now her gifts are helping to enable our growing ministry and outreach up and down the East Coast.  Visit our online giving page to set up your own recurring gift!
  • Another supporter wanted to honor a Jesuit priest who had been a spiritual mentor to him and generations of men and women.  He set up a fund in the Jesuit's name, and now other supporters are contributing to the same fund, making more resources available for our retreat ministry.  Learn more about the Joseph J. LaBran, SJ Fund and the Jesuit for whom it is named.


Visit our Donation Page for more information and ways to give.

If you have any questions on becoming involved or offering your own support, do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by phone (617-424-0266) and email ( Please be sure to check our Calendar of Events and Progams page to see how you can become more involved.